Horizon(Daily prompt)

But this was a different horizon.

Not where the sun kissed the earth, oh no;

Its where the living meets the death.

Bird fly blindly against winds order,

People fly from windows with consents.

Love ends where hatered starts.

But hatered never ends where love starts.

Everywhere there is a meeting point,

A horizon,

A promise,

An oath.

But some are meant to be left untouched.

Some becomes forbidden.

Like when graves are filled with warm bodies,

Its a horizon where life meets death.

Where living stops and dying begins.

A love story of a different horizon.

A bittersweet horizon.



Static(daily prompt)

Loving with all you had,

But finding hatred as your bestfriend.

Giving all you’ve ever collected,

Only to find them thrown in a dust bin.

Smiling until your cheecks hurt, but you keep going for your loved ones,

Only to have tears in your eyes because of their evil smiles.

So he went the only way he saw through shinning window,

He flew pass the window in hopes of escaping hell.

A smile etched upon his broken face,

As he stayed static on the green grown, now painted with red.

Red, his blood, as he went away to the heaven,

Because hell took pity in him and lead him to a happily ever after.

A Static Happily Ever After.


Forsaken Days

Sun rose to its finest height;

Kissing with warmth and tenderness, showing its love,

But the light disspersed as it shone on the blank stare of her;

Sitting in a corner with a warm coffeee,

She was solus to her thoughts;

Falling freely into the pith of her dark mute memory,

She stared at the smoke coming out of her coffee;

‘Maybe disappearing into nothingness was better;

Better than being human, but dead inside.”

A tear slipped through the barrier of her hard eyes;

Silence was the only music around her,

But still she felt crowded, crowedee with her thoughts.

Days passed like this;

Like being nothing in this something world,

Like being frosaken in this absorbed days,

Like being lonely in this lifely place,

Like being dead with steady breathing.

James Whitcomb Riley – At Sea
O we go down to sea in ships–

But Hope remains behind,

And Love, with laughter on his lips,

And Peace, of passive mind;

While out across the deeps of night,

With lifted sails of prayer,

We voyage off in quest of light,

Nor find it anywhere.
O Thou who wroughtest earth and sea,

Yet keepest from our eyes

The shores of an eternity

In calms of Paradise,

Blow back upon our foolish quest

With all the driving rain

Of blinding tears and wild unrest,

And waft us home again.

Femme Fatale

Sharp voice;

Laced with maddening fidelity,

Erotic figure;

Mixed with deadly posionous nector,

Dark cat-like eyes;

Observing her guests with heed,

Painted red nails;

Sharpened like a knife, ready to slaughter,

Firm grip on her drink;

But a vice in disguise,

She stood there;

In the center, proud to be called as “femme fatale”

But reality was bitter after all;

That sharp voice once sang a melodious song to the crowd,

That erotic figure once held innocence to its brightest,

Those eyes once held love and admiration for the world around her,

Her nails were once used for colouring flower paintings,

That grip was once a soft touch like a wallflower swaying in a pleasent weather,

Once she used to stand in the corner, blending herself in the crowd just for her mere satisfaction of solace. 

But no one will know the truth.

That the femme fatale today, was once a rare youtan poluo dancing in solitude to the happiness within it.

An auspicious flower from heaven was destroyed by none other than her family, the devious devil among angels.

Cleaved Promises

We met with no Hellos, Thankyou.

We parted with no Goodbyes, Thankyou.

We became friends with no familiarity, Thankyou.

We broke off with closure, Thankyou.

You loved me once, Thankyou.

You hate me now, Thankyou.

You were once my close friend, Thankyou.

You are strangers with memories, Thankyou.

We may meet somewhere in this small world, somewhere, sometime;

But I promise you,

You won’t see me, like you haven’t seen the real me.

Even if we were to live blocks away, I promise you,

You’ll never find my being because I am good at hiding 

And you, You are good at ignoring.

Thankyou, afterall All I have been given were the leftovers.

So Thankyou for this cleaved Friendship.


Forgery Oaths


Everyone awed, some cried at the declaration.

Ahh those times, that perfect haox, it was,


The declaration changed to venom-filled words only in a month’s time,

Words may change, people may change, oaths may change but she;

She never changed, nor did her reaction.

All she did was smiled, never cried, but smiled.

Both times;

First: because she knew it was a lie, a perfect lie,

Second: because she knew it was truth, her reality,

She’ll never be enough, never for anyone.

How ironic is that for someone who is said to be an Angel send from heavens;

She was just a person with broken oaths, forgery love and broken mandates…

Derek WalcottThe Fist

The fist clenched round my heart loosens a little, 
And I gasp brightness; 

But it tightens again.

When have I ever not loved the pain of love?

But this has moved past love to mania.

This has the strong clench of the madman,

This is gripping the ledge of unreason,

Before plunging howling into the abyss.

Hold hard then, heart. This way at least you live.

Compass(Daily Prompt)

‘But…but I’ll get lost out there mommy.’sobbed the little girl with red eyes.

‘But love, if you don’t follow your dreams, you’ll never be satisfied.’came a melodies reply of the soothing mother.

‘But mommy….’ the girl cried more and more.

‘No buts and what ifs baby, just follow your heart. There is a compass with in it. Just follow it blindly,’ those were the last words as the warm figure laid still on her dead bed.

After years, Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring, Rains;

Finally the girl, now a grown up 21 year old, found her home;

“Here lies the love of someone,

The light of everyone,

The smile of anyone,

The departed joy of her daughter,

Here lies the ultimate Fearless Love;

Her mother.”

The compass, installed in her once fragile heart, led her towards the strongest women she ever knew. 

Her mother was the Compass to her Home, 

Her real, warmth filled, loved filled; HOME.

Henry Van Dyke – If All The Skies
If all the skies were sunshine,

Our faces would be fain

To feel once more upon them

The cooling splash of rain. 
If all the world were music,

Our hearts would often long

For one sweet strain of silence,

To break the endless song. 
If life were always merry,

Our souls would seek relief,

And rest from weary laughter

In the quiet arms of grief.


Ascend (Daily Prompt)

Everyone was busy,

In the hustle and bustle of the waves,

Taking pictures, making memories, 

Smiling, laughing, giggling, enjoying,

But it was a sad sight, indeed a sad sight;

When the sun was ascending, causing a beautiful bomb of colours,

An observant person was crying at the sight infront of her;

While everything was happy, the sun was waving its last goodbye,

Just so His lovely Moon could come alive;

He Died during the Dusk for the Moon to shine with the shinning stars,

The Sun ascended to its demise for the Moon to ascend to its Life.


Perfect Family

“Dinner’s ready Girls.” Shouted the right hand of the household.

Ending her hushed secretive conversation, the eldest made her way downstairs, acting all joyful;

Brutally wiping away the tears falling on the one picture of the person she loved the most, the second eldest put on her fakest smile while making her way towards the dinner table;

Frantically looking around for a long sleeve shirt, the youngest tried to find the clothes to hide her scars: her untold hidden scars. Finally dressed in a long sleeved shirt with baggy pants, She faked a giggle and headed towards the meal;

Whisking away the mixture in her hands, the mother wiped her sweat while hiding the hurt on her face from the person she ever loved;

Making his way towards the table, he thought of ways that could break everyone in the household all over again but then, He never cared;

Everyone sat on their respective seats: faking the love, adoration, admiration, perfection;

Even though everything was opposite, the very real truth swam through the dinner table,

But they acted like they had practiced all this time;

They acted like a Perfect family when they were a WRECKED REALITY.

Strong Weakling

Left kick,

‘Mom, I am trying.’

Right Jab,

‘Dad, Help me please.’


‘Sis, I can’t hold it anymore.”

Side kick,

‘Dear bestfriend, save me.’

Straight punch,

‘My love, I failed you.’

That was her last words when she fought in that brutal ring;

Place surrounding foul smells,

Her death lingered in the air;

Yet again they threw her in trash can like every other one,

She was strong, oh so strong that she won all the UFC match she ever participatee in;

But this one, this one was her undoing,

Because she couldn’t fight her demons this time;

So she let go and became a Strong Yet nothing but a Weakling….